Welcome to Kids and Camping

Imagine this –

You’ve just arrived at the camp site, found the perfect spot and the weather is glorious.  You start to unpack the car, have the tent up in seconds and 10 minutes later you’re sat relaxing with a beer while your children are happily playing on the park, giggling and laughing amongst themselves.  This is the perfect camping trip.

And, back to reality.

You arrive late, the kids are tired and whinging, you’ve had to camp on a slope because that’s the only spot left and it starts to rain. You try to unpack as quickly as you can, all of your inside tent layers are getting wet and the kids are still whinging.  It takes you ages to put your tent up because you keep getting the poles mixed up and you’re sure you heard a rip but will happily choose to ignore it.  Everyone is sat around watching the display and you’re smiling through gritted teeth, giving each other the look of ‘don’t say a word’.  The kids are still whinging.

Kids and Camping is a blog about real life camping experiences.  Some times, camps can be absolutely brilliant and other times you’ll wish you stayed at home.  It doesn’t help when the sites have filthy shower rooms, fellow campers who play music till 4am and then you’re woken up by the sheep right next to your tent.

We’ll give you the real story, how to make each camping trip memorable and where the best places are to go.